Louisiana Will Open Nursing Homes For Visitation Under New Federal Guidelines

People with family members in Louisiana nursing homes will soon be able to visit their loved ones for the first time since March.

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As U.S. Nears 200,000 Dead, Hospital Staff Reflect On Those Lost

The U.S. marked 100,000 recorded deaths from COVID-19 on May 27. Now it's preparing to reach 200,000. Though the number of daily fatalities has gone down since the highs of spring, COVID-19 still claims the lives of hundreds of people in the U.S. each day . More are expected to die as the weather gets colder . For people who work in hospitals, the challenges haven't gone away. "I'm living on adrenaline," says Dr. Joseph Varon, chief of critical care at Houston's United Memorial Medical Center...

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This week a federal judge issued a ruling that would require Louisiana to expand access to mail-in ballots during this fall’s presidential election.  The ruling came from a lawsuit that pit voting rights advocates and Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards against Republican Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin.

People with family members in Louisiana nursing homes will soon be able to visit their loved ones for the first time since March.

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Gov. John Bel Edwards loosened Louisiana’s coronavirus restrictions Thursday to allow bars to serve alcohol until 11 p.m. — one hour later than the previous restrictions allowed.

A legal path has been cleared for the family of Trayford Pellerin to see the body-worn camera footage documenting the 31-year-old’s fatal encounter with Lafayette police.

When Hurricane Laura made landfall on Aug. 27, it tore first through Cameron and Holly Beach — tiny coastal towns all too familiar with the decimation brought by hurricanes.

Now that Hurricane Sally has moved eastward and threats from the storm have dramatically decreased in likelihood, officials in New Orleans are exhaling a bit.

Hurricane Sally continues to strengthen as it makes a slow track toward the Mississippi Gulf Coast, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Update: Classes are canceled Tuesday due to Hurricane Sally, NOLA-PS announced Monday afternoon. All school buildings and the district’s central office will be closed.

Gov. John Bel Edwards is urging residents of Southeast Louisiana to make storm preparations as forecasters warn Tropical Storm Sally could strengthen to a hurricane before making landfall Tuesday morning. The slow-moving storm could cause flash flooding and storm surge. 

Tropical Storm Sally is expected to make landfall Tuesday along the north-central Gulf Coast as a Category 1 Hurricane, according to the National Weather Service. Hurricane and storm surge watches have been issued for Orleans Parish and other portions of the northern Gulf Coast.


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