Louisiana's Secretary of State Runoff Will Feature Unexpected Matchup

The November midterm election has come and gone, but Louisiana voters still have one more decision to make. The Secretary of State’s race won’t be decided until December 8th.

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Deputy National Security Adviser Leaves Post After Criticism From Melania Trump

A day after Deputy National Security Adviser Mira Ricardel faced public criticism from the office of the first lady, the White House on Wednesday announced that she will be leaving her post. Ricardel "departs the White House to transition to a new role within the administration," White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement on Wednesday. Sanders did not specify the aide's new role. In a highly unusual move on Tuesday, Melania Trump's office called publicly for the ouster of a...

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A former North Dakota lawmaker recently died after eating at a New Orleans restaurant. The alleged culprit: a bacterial infection from a raw oyster. Oysters have long been a trademark of southern cuisine, but they also pose health risks for some. So, just how dangerous is it to eat raw oysters?


The November midterm election has come and gone, but Louisiana voters still have one more decision to make. The Secretary of State’s race won’t be decided until December 8th. 

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Vegetables are typically grown in the ground or in containers. But why grow vegetables in containers when you could grow them in the ground? There are some good reasons, including access to tools, back-saving reasons, and the ease of management of a few containers rather than a full in-ground garden. There are reasons of necessity, such as availability of space, too.

Louisiana voters weighed in on Congressional representation, candidates for Secretary of State, and six constitutional amendments.

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What if you made it your mission to incorporate at least one item from your vegetable garden into at least one meal every day? This is easy to achieve with your fall and winter vegetable garden thanks to the vast amount of greens and lettuce that can be grown during these months.

Tom Pope

Many plants seem to save up all summer for the spectacular display of flowers, fruit, and foliage showing up in our gardens right now.

If you want punch up the color level in your garden from late spring through early December, here are some trees, shrubs, and perennials you might consider.

Louisiana is the only state where a person can be sentenced to life in prison - without the possibility of parole - on a 10-2 verdict. And while some say the state’s non-unanimous jury system results in faster justice for victims, others say the rule is a threat to constitutional rights, and has sent innocent people to prison.

Once considered a long shot, the bill to approve a ballot initiative that could overturn Louisiana’s non-unanimous jury rule passed the legislature in May. The proposal needs a simple majority of voters to become law - but proponents of the measure face two challenges: educating voters, and breaching a partisan political divide.

The Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers works to protect rights guaranteed by the state and federal constitutions in criminal cases. When the organization decided to challenge Louisiana’s non-unanimous jury system, they turned to New Orleans Senator J.P. Morrell to sponsor the bill through the legislative process.

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It could be argued that azaleas define the spring season in Louisiana. That's because for a long time the most commonly planted Azalea were the large growing Southern Indica types. They produce their flowers and short but incredible display all the way from mid-March through mid April.

But times are changing. With the introduction and more common usage of alternate season blooming azaleas, such as the popular Encore or Robin Hill groups of azaleas, it is not unusual to see azaleas blooming during the late summer fall and even into the winter months.


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