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Slidell cleans up after tornadoes; what to eat at Jazz Fest

Musicians perform during New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival in 2018.
Douglas Mason
Douglas Mason
Musicians perform during New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival in 2018.

Two tornadoes touched down in Slidell, north of New Orleans, earlier this month. The severe weather damaged hundreds of buildings in the area and many residents are still displaced.

Gov. Jeff Landry issued an emergency declaration after visiting the area last week. Recovery efforts are expected to be ongoing for the next several months.

Greg Cromer, Slidell’s mayor, joins the show to share more on where efforts stand.

Louisiana loses teachers every year. Some go to neighboring states, while others leave teaching completely. A big part of the problem is pay.

Teachers in Louisiana make about $13,000 less a year than the national average. And regionally, they still make several thousand dollars less.

All week, we’re hearing from public school teachers. Aubri Juhasz, WWNO/WRKF education reporter, interviewed teachers about the difficult decisions they’re facing, including whether to stay in the classroom.

Jazz Fest kicks off this week. While many go for the music — The Rolling Stones top the list of headliners — foodies also flock to the event. Several vendors are offering a wide array of dishes featuring a favorite of the season — crawfish.

We caught up with Sonya DiCarlo of Clesi’s Seafood Restaurant & Catering and John Caluda of Caluda’s King Cakes Cottage Catering for more on what they’re cooking up.


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