Rosemary Westwood

If you’re pregnant and in prison in Louisiana, you could still find yourself in solitary confinement. A new bill before the legislature would end the practice in all but the most extreme circumstances.

Sanitation workers gathered at City Hall on Monday to demand an audience with the head of Metro Services Group, the garbage collection firm that employs them.

D’Artanian DeJean is a hopper — the one who jumps off the garbage truck to grab your bin and empty it. It’s not an easy job in the best of times, he said. Heavy loads, low pay, risks of injury without benefits, the kind of job where you hope to work overtime just to earn $400 a week to cover your bills.

Louisiana’s health department and governor are facing mounting pressure from anti-abortion groups angry that abortion clinics have continued to operate during the pandemic.

In normal times, New Orleans’ lavish drag queen scene isn’t exactly hard to come by. You could catch a drag show in the French Quarter, or get your fix at a drag brunch, drag queen storytime at your local library — even drag wrestling.

But in the era of the coronavirus, you can now find the city’s queens — like everyone else — online.

The new front in the fight over abortion rights reached Louisiana this week, after a Shreveport clinic sued state officials to try and stay open amid mounting political pressure to shut down abortion clinics during the coronavirus outbreak.

A Shreveport abortion clinic is suing the Louisiana Department of Health and the Attorney General over actions it says are meant to shut it down abortion access in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

There was an eerie silence in St. Augustine Catholic Church in the Treme on Palm Sunday as Father Emmanuel Mulenga cleaned the altar at the end of mass before a nearly empty stretch of pews. No field of narrow green palm spears in the hands of congregants. No choir.

Louisiana officials are facing rising scrutiny as COVID-19 spreads through jails and prisons in the state, facilities that critics argue are perfect breeding grounds for the highly contagious and deadly virus.

A second person held at the federal prison in Oakdale, Louisiana has died of COVID-19.