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Impacts of Deepwater Horizon spill 13 years later; exploring political middle grounds

A ship floats amongst a sea of spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico after the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster.
Kris Krüg
A ship floats amongst a sea of spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico after the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster.

Jackson, Miss. is known for its water — and not in a good way. Beyond the attention grabbing boil water notices, residents have had to deal with expensive water bills for years.

For the latest utility bill of the month, Stephan Bisaha of the Gulf States Newsroom brings us the story of how one Jackson resident is fighting for accurate bills.

Last April marked the 13th anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon spill, when an oil rig leased by BP exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. 11 were killed, 17 injured and in the years since, many have been impacted by the environmental damage of the country’s largest oil spill.

This month, American Public Media and Western Sound launched the new podcast “Ripple.” Host Dan Leone tells us about the show’s first season, which looks at the spill and its lasting impacts. .

A familiar voice to public radio listeners has a new show dedicated to exploring political middle grounds and overlooked topics in national media coverage. Longtime journalist Jeremy Hobson tells about the goals of his call-in show “The Middle,” ahead of tonight’s live show in New Orleans.

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Bob Pavlovich, a long-time fill-in host for New Orleans Public Radio, joined the station full-time in 2023. He hosts "All Things Considered" and "Louisiana Considered" on Thursdays.
Alana Schreiber is the managing producer for the live daily news program, Louisiana Considered. She comes to WRKF from KUNC in Northern Colorado, where she worked as a radio producer for the daily news magazine, Colorado Edition. She has previously interned for Minnesota Public Radio in St. Paul and The Documentary Group in New York City.