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When neo-Nazis came to New Orleans, a group of Holocaust survivors fought back

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Photo by Sophia Germer
Courtesy of Lawrence Powell
Anne Levy, one of the Holocaust survivors who confronted neo-Nazi George Rockwell in 1961, poses with historian and author of her biography Lawrence Powell, while receiving an honorary degree at Loyola University in New Orleans, Friday, Aug. 12, 2022.

This episode of Louisiana Considered aired on Monday, Jan. 30, 2023. Here's what it featured:

Last Friday was Holocaust Remembrance Day. Although these days, the term “never forget” is part of public discourse, it wasn’t that long ago that discussions of the Holocaust were often repressed or even discouraged.

But in 1961, many survivors were caught in the crosshairs when a neo-Nazi “hate-bus” came to New Orleans. This led to a confrontation between survivors and neo-Nazis, in an event that was emblematic of increasing support for civil rights among Jews.

Lawrence Powell wrote about this event in his book, Troubled Memory; Anne Levy, the Holocaust and David Duke’s Louisiana. The Professor Emeritus of History at Tulane University joins us for more on this chapter in history.

Today we are bringing you our 5th episode of Liner Notes, our segment that highlights local Louisiana musicians as they walk us through their songwriting and composition process. Baton Rouge artist Dalton Hamilton, also known as BandG33k, tells us about his song “Alone!” that he wrote, performed, and engineered for his album, BLVKMOTH. This episode of Liner Notes was produced and edited by WRKF’s Aubry Procell. 

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