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Talk Louisiana connects listeners with Louisiana newsmakers through live interviews and original feature reporting. Hosted by award-winning journalist and broadcast veteran, Jim Engster, Talk Louisiana brings listener insight into the conversation by phone and email. In addition to the weekday morning broadcast, hear Talk Louisiana at and the WRKF App.

Former Baton Rouge Congressman Henson Moore discusses tonight's Presidental debate. Loyola Professor Stan Goldman reviews the legacy of RBG. Dan McAdams talks about The Strange Case of Donald J. Trump. 

Quin Hillyer and Melissa Flournoy debate the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court and the P resident’s tax returns. Nick Quested discusses his documentary “Blood on the Wall”, about the journey of a migrant caravan.

Jim updates listeners on the state of the Supreme Court battle and the President's comments concerning a peaceful transition post-election. Writer Richard Grant explores the weird and wonderful town of Natchez, Mississippi. ACLU Louisiana Legal Director Nora Ahmed on her concerns about the upcoming Supreme Court showdown. Tiger Rag’s Ron Higgins on his new book and the start of the football season.

David A. Kaplan explains why the US Supreme Court has gone off the rails over the past fifty years. Mark Ballard previews the upcoming special session. Vox co-founder Matthew Ygleisias makes the case for why we need one billion Americans.

Columnist Stephanie Grace gives her take on the upcoming Supreme Court vacancy battle. Randy Hayden discusses his fight for smoke free music cities. Jody Hanet and Sam Trevathan on the Kid’s Orchestra’s virtual learning opportunities.

Lamar White and Rob Maness debate the selection of a new Supreme Court Justice. Jenee Slocum and Davante Lewis preview their series on dismantling racism. Steven Dudley talks about his book that delves into the origins of MS-13.

Libertarian Dr. Aaron Sigler discusses his efforts to unseat Senator Bill Cassidy in the upcoming election. Country music legend David Frizzell recounts his remarkable career. Movie critic Glenn Kenny reviews the classic Goodfellas in his new book.

Libertarian attorney Mike Wolf and LSU Poli Sci Professor Jeff Sadow debate AG Bill Barr’s performance. Photographer Philip Gould took pictures of every bridge spanning the Mississippi. Todd Snyder on his book about Ali’s hypeman Drew “Bundini” Brown.

New Schools for Baton Rouge CEO Chris Meyer discusses charter schools and Baton Rouge. Rhea Farberman with Trust For America’s health on the nation’s obesity epidemic. The Advocate’s Mark Ballard on the latest election plan update.

Famed lawyer Mary Olive Pierson covers a range of topics from St. George to Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Manship School Professor David Stamps discusses the impact of COVID on black Baton Rouge communities. Peter Alsen on his new work of fiction about underground gambling.