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Louisiana Voice Publisher Tom Aswell discusses his latest book: “Louisiana’s Rogue Sheriff’s, A Culture of Corruption.” Director of Minority Outreach for the Louisiana GOP Elbert Guillory, former Louisiana Senator, assesses damage done to his mission by President Trump’s racist tweets about four U.S. Congresswomen.

Also, Congressman Garret Graves comments on why he voted against condemning the president’s remarks.

Dudley Lehew, former Louisiana public official and journalist, recalls his role in history 50 years ago today.

Lehew as an Associated Press reporter in Boston was first to report the incident known as Chappaquiddick that involved a car accident in which U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy survived and passenger Mary Jo Kopechne died.

Kennedy did not report the accident immediately and was dogged by the scandal for the remainder of his life.

Lehew remembers what it was like covering the story then and how it would be captured today.

Law professor and former Louisiana Democratic Party official Susan East Nelson, Republican activist Colonel Rob Maness and GOP strategist Ali Alexander of Louisiana comment on President Trump’s racist tweets and five of six members of the Louisiana U.S. House delegation voting against the measure to condemn the president’s remarks about four sitting Congresswomen. Congressmen Graves, Scalise, Johnson, Higgins and Abraham voting against the resolution which cleared the lower chamber on a 240-187 vote with Louisiana’s Cedric Richmond the lone member of our delegation to vote in the affirmative. Margee Green, candidate for agriculture commissioner, talks about her four themes of farming, tariffs, climate change and cannabis. Lawyer Stephanie Possa previews the annual Big Wigs Under the Big Top in the fight against breast cancer in Baton Rouge.

Dr. Jim Richardson, head of the Revenue Estimating Conference, talks about the fiscal state of the state and his book, “Managing Hurricane Katrina.” An encore interview with Jim Bouton, the pitcher who died last week at 80. Bouton changed the opinions of many fans with his groundbreaking book, “Ball Four.” Paige Gagliano, Arts Director of Episcopal High discusses the upcoming presentation of Sondheim at the Manship Theatre August 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

Guest host Jim Nickel, former WRKF Board Chair, talks with Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin about the Oct. 12 statewide election and LSU Athletic Director Scott Woodward about his move from Texas A&M to alma mater.

Meteorologist John Wetherbee provides the latest information on the path and expected time for landfall for Barry. Lamar White of the Bayou Brief comments on hurricanes in Louisiana,  the threat to land and residents and assesses the politics winds in Washington D.C. and Louisiana. Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser, a New Orleans native, reflects on storms past and the imminent danger of the current one. University of Oklahoma historian Steven Gillon remembers his friend, John F. Kennedy Jr., who died 20 years ago this month in a plane crash. Gillon’s book is “The Life of John F. Kennedy Jr., America’s Reluctant Prince.”

Forecaster and Meteorologist John Wetherbee looks at the potential path of Hurricane Barry. EBR Mayor-President Sharon Weston-Broome surveys the city on the brink of a major tropical depression reaching Baton Rouge. The mayor is preparing for the arrival of what could become Hurricane Barry. Broome will also comment on bike sharing in the city. Also discussing this endeavor is Sean Flood, Gotcha CEO. Mark Ballard Capitol Bureau Chief talks about the current storm on the way to this area and previous weather developments in recent time. Ballard also looks at the governor’s race with the primary three months from tomorrow.

Well known attorney Gordon McKernan talks about his success as a lawyer-advertiser and successfully defeating a bill in the Legislature that would have curtailed billboard advertisements for injury attorneys. John Kaufman of the Manship Theatre previews this year’s line-up of performers at the treasured downtown arena that has 325 prime seats.

Best-selling author Ace Atkins, former Auburn football star, on his latest work, “The Shameless,” a Quinn Colson novel. State Representative Franklin Foil on traffic concerns that are taking center stage in the Senate race between Foil, fellow Republican Steve Carter and Democrat Beverly Brooks Thompson. Renowned artist Xavier Cortada comments on the Annual Arts Summit of Baton Rouge on July 15-16.

Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain comments on the state of the state’s largest industry with an update on marijuana in Louisiana. Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Tyler Bridges assesses the legacy of John Alario, who has toiled 48 years in the Louisiana Legislature. Matt and Donna Saurage of Community Coffee preview an LPB documentary about 100 years of success for the Baton Rouge company.