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Talk Louisiana connects listeners with Louisiana newsmakers through live interviews and original feature reporting. Hosted by award-winning journalist and broadcast veteran, Jim Engster, Talk Louisiana brings listener insight into the conversation by phone and email. In addition to the weekday morning broadcast, hear Talk Louisiana at and the WRKF App.

BREC head Adam Knapp updates us on the state of Baton Rouge business in the COVID era. Treasurer John Schroder discusses the status of the Main Street Recovery Program. Robert Draper details his new book To Start A War: How the Bush Administration Took America Into Iraq.

Botanic Gardens Director Dr. Jeff Kuehny and photographer Marie Constantin discuss the pollution of lakes in Baton Rouge. Investigative reporter Dan Moldea analyzes the state of the Presidential election.

Louisiana Lottery CEO Rose Hudson on her long tenure, and the state of lotto games in the pandemic era. Investigative Journalist Greg Palast discusses his work investigating voter suppression and how it could impact the 2020 election. Nancy L. Johnston on her book Disentangle: When You’ve Lost Yourself In Someone Else.

Southern Poli Sci Chair Albert Samuels discusses the President’s tweet requesting an election delay. Mark Ballard updates us on the state of November races and the renaming effort at LSU. Wall Street Journal reporter Jennifer Levitz details her new book about the admissions scandal.

Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser updates the audience on the status of tourism in the age of COVID-19. Former ACLU Louisiana head Marjorie Esman discusses the current balance of the US Supreme Court.

Louisiana Family Forum head Gene Mills discusses the President’s performance, reelection odds, and accomplishments for the evangelical community. Baton Rouge Youth Coalition executive director Lucas Spielfogel on the start of schools.

Lamar White of the Bayou Brief and former Senator John Milkovich discuss the Senate and Presidential races. Prolific writer David Madden discusses his recent work.

Baton Rouge legend Walter Imahara reflects on a full life that saw him locked in an internment camp as a kid, go on to join the military, and settle in Baton Rouge changing the culture of landscaping. Jeff Sadow and Dayne Sherman analyze Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins’ entrance into the Senate race.

Legendary political consultant Ray Strother discusses his relationship with the late John Lewis and the President’s reelection odds. The Advocate’s Mark Ballard updates us on Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins entrance into the Senate Race against Bill Cassidy.

Baton Rouge Representative Ted James discusses the Senate race and his effort to become the next chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party. UL Lafayette Poli Sci Professor Pearson Cross on Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins challenge to US Senator Bill Cassidy.