Tips for Winter Container Vegetable Gardening

Nov 9, 2018

Credit Dan Gill / LSU AgCenter

Vegetables are typically grown in the ground or in containers. But why grow vegetables in containers when you could grow them in the ground? There are some good reasons, including access to tools, back-saving reasons, and the ease of management of a few containers rather than a full in-ground garden. There are reasons of necessity, such as availability of space, too.

Many fall and winter vegetables can be grown in containers as long as they receive water, fertilizer, and the appropriate space. Let's talk about a few steps for growing lettuce, cabbage, radishes, and mustards successfully in containers. Find a sunny location. Be sure excess water is allowed to flow out of the container. Use an appropriately-sized container. Fill containers with potting media. Overfilled pots will let water runoff quickly; under-filled pots will reduce the effectiveness of the pot size. Water enough to keep soil moist but not soaking wet. Use a mulch on top of the media, but don't apply mulch until seedlings are four inches tall. Remove weeds as they appear. Check plants daily to control insects and disease; check under the leaves. Protect seedlings from cold damage.