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Inventorying the Election Leftovers

Sue Lincoln

You open the refrigerator door to grab some milk, and you’re overwhelmed with leftovers from yesterday’s feast. 

Now that we’ve had some time to digest the election, Kevin Litten, political reporter with, joins me to inventory the election leftovers.

Litten says the meat of the feast had to have been the question of integrity.

“John Bel was so effective at making this case about character.”

And the dressing? Edwards’ “prostitute over patriots” ad.

“It set him up for what I thought was one of the great lines during the debate,” Litten says. “You know, David Vitter goes to complain about this vicious ad you’re running against me…”

And Edwards responded, “You want me to take it down because you don’t like it. I understand that you don’t like it. It hits you where you live. It’s 100% truthful. You didn’t say it was untrue.”

Litten adds, “If David Vitter didn’t like that ad and it wasn’t true, he could have stopped the ad on a dime. He could have come right out and said, ‘That is not true.’ But he didn’t.”

Litten says dessert was not served at the end of the entire race. Instead, it came it the midpoint.

“The best thing in the race, I think, was everything that happened on that last day before the primary --the car accident, the private investigator – all of that happening in one place at one time was incredible. That really takes the cake.”

And what comes closest to being like the sad cylinder of jellied cranberries, unloved at the back of the fridge?

“The final debate. There was an audience, they were screaming, they were hollering, they were calling out, they were interrupting. That one was really over the top and just did not look good.”

Here’s hoping what we’re left with will at least make some tasty gumbo.