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For Modest 6th District Campaign, a Modest End

Frank Barnett, WRKF


Gov. Bobby Jindal’s former coastal chief Garrett Graves was the top Republican finisher in the 6th Congressional District race on Tuesday. While he was celebrating at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Baton Rouge, State Sen. Dan Claitor, another Republican contender, was at a friend's house having gumbo. 

"It’s a family atmosphere," said Claitor's campaign manager Brent Robertson. "It’s a friend atmosphere, and it definitely is a reflection of who he is."

The laid back mood and relaxed gathering of Claitor’s friends and family perfectly suited the occasion and the candidate.

But Claitor, whose mother passed away less than two weeks ago, was subdued throughout the evening. The mood became more somber as it became clear that Claitor was heading home, while Garret Graves was heading to a runoff with former Gov. Edwin Edwards.

In the end, Claitor thinks money may have been the deciding factor.

"The short, pure, simple deal," said Claitor, "is Mr. Graves raised and spent $1.3 million dollars. Nobody else spent that much money. And so, we have to ask the question: 'Was it just a factor of money? Or was he actually a better candidate?'"

Graves, however, was all business Tuesday night. 

"I don't take anything for granted at all," Graves said. "We have a meeting starting at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning to begin planning the runoff. And, we're going get back to work right away."