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Kwanzaa on WRKF

Explore the guiding principles, tales, and traditions of Kwanzaa with WRKF this holiday season as we hear special programming highlighting the music, prose, and spirit of celebration based on the African harvest festival traditions from portions of west and southeast Africa.

The Sounds of Kwanzaa
Monday, December 26 at 8pm

During the aftermath of the Watts Uprisings in the 1960s, Dr. Maulana Karenga decided to create a special December holiday designed for Black people to celebrate themselves, their culture, and their future liberation. Today, Kwanzaa is still celebrated by not only Afro-Americans, but Black people around the globe.

In this broadcast, former WRKF Classical host Garrett McQueen offers a background on the history of Kwanzaa and its guiding principles, alongside musical selections that highlight the spirit of the celebration. The show features the compositions of Florence Price, Duke Ellington, Sean O’Loughlin, and special performances by Imani Winds.

A Season’s Griot: A Kwanzaa Celebration
Monday, December 26 at 9pm

Hosted by acclaimed storyteller Madafo Lloyd Wilson, A Season's Griot is an annual one-hour special that captures the tales and traditions of African American and African peoples. The show’s poet laureate, Beverly Fields Burnette, and other members of the Season’s Griot family return with familiar and favorite elements of Griot.

If you are looking for our other holiday programming, find information on our Hanukkah specials here or our Christmas weekend specials here.

Adam is responsible for coordinating WRKF's programming and making sure everything you hear on the radio runs smoothly. He is Newscast Editor for the WRKF/WWNO Newsroom. Adam is also the Baton Rouge-based host for Louisiana Considered, our daily regional news program, and is frequently the local voice afternoons on All Things Considered.