Update: Drive-through testing for the coronavirus has expanded across the New Orleans area to include all residents.

The Louisiana Workforce Commission has expanded its staff to help process the surge of unemployment claims they have received following the coronavirus shutdown.

Compared to last week, there’s been a nearly 1,700 percent increase in the number of claims.

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Gov. John Bel Edwards says the state’s health care system could be overwhelmed by the coronavirus in as little as one week without intervention by the federal government.

One of the biggest challenges Louisiana has faced since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus is testing. That’s been true for residents trying to figure out how to get care, and for medical professionals trying to provide it.

Mayors up and down the Mississippi River are bracing for the possible need to respond to two disasters at once — the coronavirus outbreak and the spring flood season.

New Orleans is so familiar with catastrophe, sometimes it feels like the way we answer it is part of our community character. We are defiant, we are resilient, we carry on, and we do it together.

The city that puts the fun in funerals has made revelry in the face of adversity a civic virtue, and has embraced hospitality as the front line of recovery. We need to reframe that part of our character as we get through the coronavirus crisis.

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton tested positive for coronavirus, ESPN first reported Thursday

When the first case of COVID-19 was discovered in Louisiana on March 9, we all took a collective, stumbling step into a new world.

This new world has a lot of hand washing and hand wringing. Questions swirl, myths zip around the internet faster than anyone can swat them down, and anxiety climbs and climbs and climbs.

So, let's talk about it. All of it. And maybe settle it.

New Orleans is emerging as the next major hotspot for COVID-19.

A breakdown of known coronavirus cases at the county level appears to show Orleans Parish — home to New Orleans — far outpacing other jurisdictions in COVID-19 rate per capita in the U.S.  

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Coronavirus may have taken root in New Orleans, but now it is branching out across the state. East Baton Rouge Parish and Ascension got their first cases earlier this week. 

Reporter Paul Braun spoke with Dr. Catherine O’Neal, Chief Medical Officer and infectious disease specialist for Our Lady of the Lake, about how hospitals in the capital region are preparing.