child care

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Included in Governor John Bel Edwards’ budget proposal for next fiscal year is a fully funded TOPS scholarship program, an increase to higher education, and a $1,000 teacher pay raise. Left out is any additional money for early childhood education, a program whose funding could end up being a point of contention during the legislative session that starts in April.

Baton Rouge Actor Louis Herthum on the second season for “Westworld.” Herthum is in the cast for the award winning HBO presentation. Melanie Bronfin of the Child Care Assistance Program on perilous funding for the program for working parents seeking child care and educational assistance. Max Lugavere on genius foods. The health science journalist says we can become smarter, happier and more productive by what we eat.

Good day care can be hard to find, especially in rural areas. Low population density means commercial day care centers are rare, so a lot of parents rely on smaller child cares run out of peoples' homes. In one New York county, those family-run establishments are disappearing.

Teri Brogdale lives on a quiet street, near the edge of town. But inside, her house is pretty lively — she runs a day care called Teri's Little Angels.

Brogdale has been at this for almost 23 years. But now she's getting out of the day care business. She's ready to retire.