Cameron Henry

They Said “More Cuts” and Meant It

Feb 24, 2016
Sue Lincoln

Louisiana’s House Republicans have been insisting the Governor needs to make more budget cuts before they’ll consider raising revenue. With the full House considering the tax hike bills tomorrow, they took matters into their own hands today.

“The Governor maxxed out all of his cuts. Our additional cuts are 87-million,” House Appropriations chairman Cameron Henry said when opening discussion on his bill to remove a total of $117-million from state agencies.

Only an Abundance of Caution

Feb 18, 2016
Sue Lincoln

The House Ways and Means Committee took testimony on 20 revenue-raising measures Wednesday, but voted on none, returning all of them to the calendar.

Meanwhile, in House Appropriations, committee members continued to cross examine officials about the budget crisis. 

Managing the Play Clock of Brinkmanship

Feb 5, 2016

Today, Governor John Bel Edwards is expected to issue his call for the special legislative session to begin February 14th.

“The need for additional revenue is now, and it’s acute,” Edwards has said.

The call will tell lawmakers to consider a number of revenue-raising measures to alleviate the state budget shortfall, which Commissioner of Administration attributes to “poor fiscal planning combined with a shortfall of revenue.”