This story has been updated throughout to include a statement from CoreCivic. 

Cameroonian immigrants held at detention centers under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) New Orleans Field Office say officers and facility staff members pepper-sprayed, beat, forcefully restrained, and humiliated them to make them sign travel documents related to their deportation.

People held in two immigration detention centers have faced sweltering heat, no water, a lack of food, and sewage problems in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura, according to immigration advocates.

Translated by Luis Rodrigàlvarez

José Hernández Pérez, hondureño de 36 años, llevaba viviendo en el Centro de Procesamiento ICE Pine Prairie de la zona central de Luisiana unos tres meses, cuando algunas personas de su dormitorio, de un total de 40, empezaron a enfermarse a mediados de julio.

When Tatalu Helen Dada called last Friday from the LaSalle Processing Center in Jena, Louisiana, the line was muffled, but her desperation was clear.

“Everyone here, we are at risk,” she said. “You have the officers come in from the streets, they're still bringing people from the streets. So basically our life is in danger.”

According to his lawyers, Joel Ramirez Palma was on the thirteenth floor of the Hard Rock Hotel building when it began to fall. He survived by jumping down into the floors below him as the concrete and steel collapsed overhead. Ramirez Palma was one of many injured. Three of his coworkers died.

GOHSEP, Guard Adjust After $15M of Ice Wasted

Aug 9, 2013
Bags of ice ordered for Hurricane Isaac melting in a Lacombe, La. warehouse.
Louisiana Inspector General

As Hurricane Isaac was bearing down on Louisiana last August, the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness bought 773 truckloads of bagged ice from Pelican Ice in Kenner for $17.4 million.

Only $2.4 million worth actually got distributed by the Louisiana National Guard to the public.

Some was given away for free to restaurants and other private businesses. One retailer even repackaged and sold some.

Nearly half of the ice was allowed to melt in an un-refrigerated warehouse in Lacombe.

Last week, the state Inspector General issued a scathing report about the blunder.

GOHSEP spokesman Mike Steele and the Guard’s public affairs officer Lt. Col. Michael Kazmierzak say they have revised supplier contracts and improved tracking to prevent so much ice from going to waste again.