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Think is a national call-in radio program, hosted by acclaimed journalist Krys Boyd and produced by KERA in Dallas. Each week, listeners across the country tune in to the program to hear thought-provoking, in-depth conversations with newsmakers from across the globe. Since launching in 2006, Think and Krys Boyd have earned more than a dozen local, regional and national awards, including the 2013 Regional Edward R. Murrow award for breaking news coverage.

During each episode of Think, listeners tweet, call or email with questions and comments for the show’s guest. Think can be heard on more than 75 stations, yielding a diverse pool of questions and comments from curious minds across the country. Previous guests on the program include former Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright and John Kerry, actor Bryan Cranston, Sen. John Cornyn and Sen. Ted Cruz, Melinda Gates, author Malcolm Gladwell, Jane Goodall, Rev. Jesse Jackson and more.

In addition to the radio program, Think also is among the most-downloaded local podcasts in the public radio system, receiving over 250,000 downloads each month.

Find a list of the latest episodes of Think below. Read more about Think here.

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  • Ian Robertson, professor at the Centre for BrainHealth at UTD, joins host Krys Boyd to discuss the science of confidence, how it positively influences both the mind and body, and how it can make us both more innovative and happier.
  • Richard L. Hasen, professor at UCLA, joins host Krys Boyd to discuss why he feels we need a Constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to vote, and why leaving it to the courts to decide who can vote is a bad idea.
  • Lauren F. Friedman, an editor at Consumer Reports, joins host Krys Boyd to discuss CR’s rigorous testing of fast foods and supermarket products to find the harmful chemicals that enter our bodies.
  • Sabrina Strings, professor at the University of California, joins host Krys Boyd to discuss why she believes the relatively low numbers of Black women in relationships and marriages is a backlash to the Civil Rights movement..
  • Jonathan Rauch, contributing writer to The Atlantic, joins host Krys Boyd to discuss the lasting harms had on not only career diplomats but the broader LGBTQ community across the country – and why he says it’s time for a reckoning.
  • Bianca Bosker, a contributing writer at The Atlantic, joins host Krys Boyd to discuss how the art world operates and the role of gatekeeping in who gets shown and who can buy art.