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Monday, October 8th: Stephen L. Carter, Bob Mann


Yale Law Professor Stephen L. Carter recalls his grandmother, Eunice Carter, who helped bring down Mafia kingpin Lucky Luciano. Carter was an African-American female who was part of a team of 20 lawyers, the others were white males. It was Carter who recommended prosecuting Luciano successfully on prostitution charges. Eunice Carter began her career as a professor at Southern University. LSU Manship School Professor Bob Mann comments on the tortured confirmation process which ended with a 50-48 U.S. Senate vote in favor of Brett Kavanaugh, who is the 114th member of the Supreme Court. Mann is a former aide to three Louisiana U.S. Senators and reflects on the political swing by Louisiana’s Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy, both of who were lifelong Democrats 15 years ago when Cassidy was 46 and Kennedy was 52.

Bob Mann, LSU Manship professor on Kennedy and Kavanaugh.

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