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Fit and Fitted

Ken Stewart

Baton Rouge is a city that loves its sports. If you want to feel pumped up with pride in the Baton Rouge business community take a listen to this conversation.

While Tiger Football dominates the headlines, baseball has a large following too, as do soccer and basketball. And there’s a vibrant and growing outdoor community, active in running, cycling, swimming and rowing. That homegrown passion for sports and athletics hasn’t just resulted in some of the most die-hard fans you’ll meet, it’s also given birth to some impressive companies.  Really impressive.

Local CompanyMarucci Sports started out making wooden bats a little over a decade ago. Today Marucci is the number one brand of bat used by Major League Players, replacing the all-American icon the Louisville Slugger. And that’s not all. In the past two years, Marucci has branched out into non-wooden bats and other baseball gear and apparel. Last season, 28 players in the big leagues could be seen sporting Marucci Gloves. Michael Uffman is CFO of Marucci Sports. 

While Marucci is the name to know in the world of baseball bats and gear, Coffey is the name to know in the world of rowing.  Calvin Coffey is a former Olympic medalist in rowing and under the banner Coffey Corporation designs and builds The SimulatOAR - the number one rowing simulator in the country. The SimulatOAR consistently wins rave reviews from the rowing community because of the way it simulates the feel of actually being on the water.

While Marucci and Coffey design products to enhance athletic performance and keep people in shape, some people have shapes that require a little special attention. Like, for example, women’s breasts. Finding a sports bra that fits you perfectly when you're - like many women - imperfect, is not easy. There are also other specialty requirements in a woman's life that require a specialty bra: suffering from or recovering from breast cancer, pregnancy, nursing, or simply an asymmetrical shape.

For all those women Kristen Airhart has designed Barola, the bra for life. 

Editor at Baton Rouge Business Report.