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Generation Hope helps parents navigate college classes; ESSENCE Festival marks 30th anniversary

Courtesy of the Essence Festival of Culture.

In New Orleans, an estimated 23% of all undergraduate students are parents. They face more obstacles than your average student, having to consider things like childcare and economic stability while taking classes.

The organization Generation Hope helps these parents make their way through school. And just this month, they celebrated the one-year anniversary of their New Orleans scholars program.

Joining us for more on this organization is Nicole Lynn Lewis, founder and CEO, and Lindsey Cross, director of New Orleans programming.

Hakeem Holmes, Vice President of ESSENCE Festival of Culture
Courtesy of ESSENCE Festival of Culture
Hakeem Holmes, Vice President of ESSENCE Festival of Culture

It’s a milestone year for the ESSENCE Festival of Culture. It’s celebrating its 30th anniversary. That celebration has a special meaning for New Orleans as the festival began in the city back in 1995.

Hakeem Holmes, vice president of ESSENCE Festival of Culture joins us to share more about this year’s festivities.

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