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Shreveport Little Theatre’s history chronicled in new LPB documentary

"East Lynne by Mrs. Henry Wood," performed at Shreveport Little Theatre and directed by Talbot Pearson, 1933.
Courtesy of Shreveport Little Theatre
"East Lynne by Mrs. Henry Wood," performed at Shreveport Little Theatre and directed by Talbot Pearson, 1933.

Last week, the state broke ground on its costliest and most controversial project aimed at rebuilding Louisiana’s degraded coastline and maintaining the marsh as sea levels continue to rise. Located in Plaquemines Parish, the Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion will totally alter the landscape off the parish’s west bank.

The Coastal Desk’s Halle Parker joins to tell us more about the project and the future of Louisiana’s coastal restoration efforts.

Robert Darrow, managing director and artistic director of the Shreveport Little Theatre, and Sherry Kerr, a former board member of the theater, tell us the story of the century-old community theater, which has the distinction of being the first place where comedian George Carlin took the stage as an actor. LPB premieres a documentary about the theater’s storied history on Monday, August 21.

When Cullman County, Alabama was founded in 1873 it was advertised as a place with “No Blacks and No Indians.” Its largest city was a sundown town. But one of the oldest communities in Cullman county was a safe haven for Black people in the state and in some ways still is.

Last year, WBHM’s Kyra Miles talked to residents of “Colony” about its rich history and present. We give that conversation a second listen.

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