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Why Louisiana Republican lawmakers are narrowing in on local school board elections


Here is what's being featured on Friday's Louisiana Considered:

Across the country and in Louisiana, lawmakers are taking special interest in school board elections. The Advocate’s Editorial director and columnist Stephanie Grace tells us why Republican legislators in particular are focusing so heavily on these local races.

A growing number of states are setting up state-funded Education Savings Accounts to give more students education opportunities outside of public schools. This year, Louisiana would have joined them if not for a pair of vetoes by Gov. John Bel Edwards, who argued this would have crippled already underfunded public schools. Capitol Access reporter Paul Braun and education reporter Aubri Juhasz discuss the significance – and possible future – of this debate in Louisiana.

And, doctors in Louisiana say the state’s near-total abortion ban is making them afraid – both for their own careers and for the lives of their patients. Reproductive health reporter Rosemary Westwood tells us what exactly these doctors are saying and how they plan to move forward.

Patrick was the Regional News Director for the news collaboration between WRKF Baton Rouge and WWNO New Orleans, from 2019 through 2023.
Alana Schreiber is the managing producer for the live daily news program, Louisiana Considered. She comes to WRKF from KUNC in Northern Colorado, where she worked as a radio producer for the daily news magazine, Colorado Edition. She has previously interned for Minnesota Public Radio in St. Paul and The Documentary Group in New York City.