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Monday through Thursday at 7pm

Indivisible is public radio’s national conversation about America in a time of change.

Beginning on Monday through Thursday, January 23-26 at 7pm, we convene a nightly gathering for everyday Americans to talk, debate, and find common ground in the first days of the new administration. We will hear four one-hour takes on politics and news of the day. Each night has different hosts, contributors and guests. Each night is live. Each night is a call-in. Indivisible is about being heard.

WNYC's Kai Wright along with co-hosts John Prideaux and Anne McElvoy of The Economist take a global view, gauging how the world reacts to change in America.

WNYC's Brian Lehrer looks at new normals and new abnormals for politicians, the media, Americans who support the new president, and those who don't.

Charlie Sykes, longtime conservative talk host, joins WNYC to talk with players and policy makers and engage listeners in cutting across ideological divides.

Minnesota Public Radio's Kerri Miller examines American identity. Who is a part of the national narrative, who feels left out, and how might our long-term sense of ourselves change?

WNYC and Minnesota Public Radio are joining forces to convene Indivisible will feature a different host and focus each night, bringing listeners across every divide together to weigh in and participate in lively, candid, and inclusive conversations.

Hosts include radio personalities whose work is distinguished by its focus on listener interaction: WNYC’s Peabody Award-winning public affairs host Brian Lehrer; longtime conservative talk radio host Charlie Sykes; Kai Wright, host of WNYC’s critically-acclaimed podcasts There Goes the Neighborhood  and The United States of Anxiety with co-hosts in London John Prideaux, the US Editor of The Economist, and Anne McElvoy, a senior editor of the newspaper and editor of Economist Radio; and Kerri Miller, host of MPR News and Talking Volumes.

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