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I'll Be Seeing You
Fridays at 9pm, Sundays at 6am

I'll Be Seeing You: Stories About The Technologies That Watch Us: Hacking, artificial intelligence, offensive cyber, and data surveillance have crept into our lives and most of us aren't fully aware how connected we are by rapidly shifting technology.

In four one hour specials, NPR's Dina Temple-Raston will investigate the mysterious death of one of the world's most famous hackers, explain how artificial intelligence is saving the elephants, go behind-the-scenes with a secret military team hacking into ISIS, and explore how technology is changing the way the government catches spies. This series is a primer for understanding today's surveillance technologies.

Episode One: Project Vigilant: The Evolution of Hacking
Airing Friday, September 13 at 9pm, and Sunday, September 15 at 6am.
Adrian Lamo is the hacker who rather controversially turned Chelsea Manning into the authorities almost a decade ago. He died under mysterious circumstances last Spring. We take listeners on a narrative journey to reveal not only how he died, but explain how hacks work and what Lamo was doing on the DarkWeb.

Episode Two: Elephants and AI: Can Artificial Intelligence Save the Elephants
Airing Friday, September 20 at 9pm, and Sunday, September 22 at 6am.
We go to Malawi to look at how researchers are tailoring AI in their efforts to find poachers, and how a team at Cornell who are using machine learning to understand elephant language.

Episode Three: Hacking ISIS: Cracking into the Most Secretive and Deadly Terrorist Organization in the World
Airing Friday, September 27 at 9pm, and Sunday, September 29 at 6am.
We go behind-the-scenes of a military unit to reveal, for the first time, how soldiers cracked into ISIS's network and launched missions against the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world.

Episode Four: Spycatcher: Finding Insider Threats in the Digital Age
Airing Friday, October 4 at 9pm, and Sunday, October 6 at 6am.
We delve into one of the most damaging spy cases this country has ever known, and explain how casinos, algorithms, and data surveillance will transform spying in the modern age.