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Canna Leave Rollers Will Infest Your Cannas

LSU AgCenter

Cannas are highly versatile plants and should be used in the landscape by anyone looking to add a tropical feel to the garden or simply looking for a beautiful filler that provides tons of color all throughout the summer. Cannas can tolerate a wide variety of soil moistures ranging from very soggy to fairly dry. This particular quality of Cannas makes it an ideal candidate for rain gardens and low lying areas of the garden.

These tropical pops of color not only tolerate Louisiana's heat and humidity but they will trive in our late summer conditions and love it. Breeders have been toying around with this particular plant for quite some time now and have developed the large assortment of flower colors, foliage colors, as well as different sizes.

The one drawback of the Canna is the Canna Leaf Roller. It's the larval stage of the Brown Skipper Moth.