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FRIDAY: Political Commentator Dick Morris; Singer Deana Martin; and Heather Kleinpeter

Political consultant, commentator, and author Dick Morris joins us today for the better part of the first two segments to talk politics with Jim. Dick discusses his worries that President Obama is trying to turn America into a one-party country that favors the "left" by illegally taking power from the Courts and Congress. His new book he co-wrote with wife Eileen McGann, Power Grab: Obama's Dangerous Plan for a One Party Nation addresses these worries and others. 

Also, Deana Martin, daughter of the famous singer and Rat Pack member Dean Martin, joins us for the second half of today's show to discuss her own career as a singer and her upcoming performance in Baton Rouge. She and Jim discuss how her fathers career and her childhood growing up around guys like "Uncle Frank" shaped her life and helped her decide upon a career in show business as a singer. Deana also discusses her recent book Memories are Made of This: Dean Martin Through His Daughter's Eyes.

And Heather Kleinpeter is with us for the last few minutes to discuss her upcoming event "Bust Breast Cancer." The event is an art and fashion show fundraiser this Sunday from 6pm-9pm at the Renaissance Hotel in Baton Rouge for the Woman's Hospital Outreach Program. For more info, visit