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Gift Guide for the Guys in State Government


In addition to the feasting and football, there’s the Thanksgiving tradition of perusing Black Friday sale papers, plotting your holiday shopping.  So as you delve into the stacks of ads, Capitol Access -- with tongue firmly in cheek -- offers our first annual gift list for Louisiana’s politicians.

Let’s start with the U.S. Senate candidates. How many times have you heard John Kennedy use this line?

“Folks, I’ve said it before: too many people at the top getting bailouts and too many at the bottom getting handouts, and we in the middle get stuck with the bill.”

Keep an eye on the home improvement store ads for a new meme generator for the Treasurer. As for Foster Campbell, he recently made this comment on MSNBC about the difference between him and his opponent.

“His record is representing the ‘haves’. I represent the ‘have-nots’.”

Since Campbell does not have Kennedy to debate, consider those recordable greeting cards, done with Kennedy’s catch phrases, as a substitute.

Speaking of adversaries, LA’s Jeremy Alford asked Governor John Bel Edwards what he’d give Attorney General Jeff Landry, as the two head to court again next week.

“I don’t know whether he needs a Louisiana Constitution more, or the Louisiana revised Statutes, but maybe I’ll just get him both,” the governor said.

For Edwards himself, perhaps we should all pitch in and get him a cruise. He’s certainly had no honeymoon in this first year in office.

What would the governor give Senate President John Alario?

“Whatever he wants,” Edwards replied, with a laugh.

Still, Alario’s efforts to calm the legislative waters weren’t enough, as Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne has reminded us.

“We did not raise the revenue necessary to be able to satisfy the amount of money in the budget,” Dardenne has stated repeatedly, with each renewal of the state fiscal crisis.

But if we each bought a lottery ticket for the administration, maybe…