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Campbell Sets Path In Senate Runoff

Wallis Watkins

The race for United States Senator continues in Louisiana. Republican State Treasurer John Kennedy faces off against Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell, a Democrat. At a press conference Wednesday, Campbell said the differences between he and his opponent couldn’t be more clear.  

“If you think that businesses need more breaks, you need to be for Mr. Kennedy. If you think that businesses get more breaks than they need and they pay less taxes than they probably need and the middle class needs more of a break," he said, "you want to vote for me.” 

But with Republican Donald Trump elected President and both chambers of Congress handed Republican majorities, is there a path forward for a Democrat? 

"We’re going to win this race by working hard and contrasting me between John Kennedy,” says Campbell.

One of those contrasts will focus on whether or not to raise the minimum wage, which Campbell believes should increase.

“If Mr. Kennedy is elected to the United States Senate, he will retire from the state of Louisiana with a check of $120,000 per year for his life. And if you add the $175,000 he’d make as a United States Senator, that’s $295,000, " says Campbell.  "And he’s not going to give someone in Doyline, Louisiana, or Grand Coteau, Louisiana or Cloutierville, Louisiana that’s making $7 an hour. He can’t see his way to raise their wage to $10 an hour. I think that’s sickening.”

However, the numbers for Campbell suggest an uphill battle. 60% of all votes cast in the Senate race went to Republican candidates. 36% went to Democrats. That mirrors the way Louisiana voted for President, with 58% going to Trump and 38% percent voting for Clinton.

The runoff will be held December 10th.