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Last Day To Register For Election

Sue Lincoln
Secretary of State Tom Schedler shows off the logo for 2016's "I voted" stickers

The one thing I want to encourage everyone to do is to go out and register to vote if you’re not.”

Secretary of State Tom Schedler is reminding everyone that today is the last day to register to vote in the November 8th election.

You can register online. It’s safe, it’s quick, it’s secure.” And the web address to do that is .

Speaking to the Baton Rouge Press Club Monday, Schedler said he wouldn't hazard a prediction on turnout as yet because he's not sure the U.S. Presidential race is going to provide the usual pull of voters to the polls.

Quite frankly, this election has been so strange, on one day I may tell you it’s maybe going to hit a record. And then, as of lately, a lot of my colleagues are anticipating a low turnout,” Schedler stated.

And while Louisiana was one of only two states that saw 2012 election turnout increase over the 2008 voter turnout, this time he believes it's likely down ballot races may attract more total votes than the top of the ticket presidential race.

I think the possibility exists with that. I mean, you hear so frequently now of, ‘I’m not voting for this candidate – I’m voting against the other one’, or ‘I’m so disgusted, I don’t like either one of them’.”

Schedler added, “I think it’ll be interesting to see how many people maybe bypass that, and maybe that’s not the top percentage-getter.”

And while he's not 100-percent confident in the final outcome of the national presidential race, Louisiana's Secretary of State said he expects a majority of Louisiana voters will cast their votes for Trump.

Louisiana being an extremely conservative red state, I don’t think that will change in this election.”

What Schedler is certain of is that there's just four weeks left until election day, and just two weeks to go till early voting begins.

Early voting starts October 25th,” he reminded.