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'Outsider' Theme Continues in 4th Congressional District

Wikimedia Commons

Louisiana’s 4th congressional district sits on the western side of the state, running from Shreveport and Bossier City in the North, down to Beauregard parish. The seat was made open when current representative, Republican John Fleming, announced his candidacy for US Senate. 


State Representative Mike Johnson (R) is running to fill the seat. He describes the 4th district as very conservative.

“In Washington they consider it one of the most conservative districts in the country,” he says.

Although Johnson - who authored such bills asthe Marriage and Conscience Act and the Pastor Protection Act in Louisiana's Legislature - calls himself an outsider, he says the district needs someone with experience.

“This is not the time for on-the-job training in Congress. I think we need to send people there who know how to take arrows for the cause, metaphorically speaking, and who are willing to stand for those core principles," says Johnson.

Keeping with the theme of elections throughout the state, Shreveport City Council member Oliver Jenkins (R) says he’s no politician.

“I’m frustrated with our government, I’m frustrated with our politicians, and I’m often frustrated with our bureaucrats," he adds, "because they often seem to serve their own self-interest rather than ours.”

Marshall Jones, the lone Democrat in the race, says he won’t be a part of the partisan divide in Washington.

“Today I’m laying claim to, and staking my flag, in the big center of the political divide, in the common ground,” he explains.

Elbert Guillory (R), of Opelousas, is the only candidate not from Shreveport-Bossier City. He served in the Louisiana Legislature from 2004 to 2016 and most recently ran for Lieutenant Governor.

“I’m the only Native American in the race," he says, "I’m the only rural person in the race. I’m the only black person in the race. I'm a strong basic commonsense American.  All of those set me apart.”

The fourth district will have eight candidates on the November 8th ballot, including "Trey" Baucum, , Mark David Halverson, "Rick" John and Kenneth J. Kreft.