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Roux Radio 8/7

 On the premier of Roux Radio, Lt. Gov Jay Dardenne is looking for payback, Commissioner of Administration Kristy Nichols finds strength under pressure and The Nature Conservancy of Louisiana works to restore Bayou Sorrell.

Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne is looking for payback from some of his fellow candidates. But maybe he shouldn’t be so quick to throw stones.

On Insight, Commissioner of Administration Kristy Nichols. Being the gatekeeper for Governor Bobby Jindal’s administration is not an easy job. We learn more about the woman behind the title.

Next week a new exhibit opens at the Baton Rouge Gallery. Executive Director Jason Andreason gives us a preview of the work by three local artists 

When the plumbing is broken in your house, you call a plumber, right? Well who do you call when the plumbing breaks in the nation’s largest river swamp? Nick Janzen has the answer.

It may be too hot for you to be outside, but the flowers are loving it. Dan Gill recommends colorful garden additions that thrive in the summer sun.