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New Plan Aims To Remedy Evacuation Gridlock

Officials at LSU say they are updating their emergency plan to achieve faster campus-wide evacuations in the cases of emergencies.

The new plan seeks to expedite traffic coming from off campus.

LSU Police Department spokesman Capt. Corey Lalonde said they are in the process of identifying problem areas when it comes to traffic flow off campus.

"Some of the examples could be looking at specific intersections or pin-pointing specific locations where we may have bottle-necks or what locations are a little more important than some of the smaller intersections where we can get traffic flowing," said Lalonde.

Lalonde said plans also include letting students know they don't always have to take their vehicle to get off campus in an emergency situation.

"If you're on the outlying edges of campus and you can walk off campus, then do so," said Lalonde. "That would limit the amount of vehicular traffic that we have to get off campus and would obviously help speed up the process."

It's been a little under a month since a bomb threat directed at LSU's campus prompted a campus-wide evacuation. The evacuation took almost two hours because of gridlock.