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Liner Notes: How Baton Rouge artist Dalton Hamilton processed tragedy through songwriting

Image courtesy of Dalton Hamilton

WWNO and WRKF have partnered with America Amplified, a journalism initiative emphasizing community engagement. As part of this collaboration, we bring you the fifth edition of Liner Notes, a segment in which we invite Louisiana musicians to break down what’s happening in one of their original songs.

In this episode, we spoke with Dalton Hamilton, aka BandG33k. He’s a musician, producer and recording engineer from Baton Rouge. Last October, after 11 years of producing music for others, he released "BLVKMOTH," his first collection of self-written and self-produced rap songs. He told us how a personal tragedy and his efforts to beat the ensuing depression informed his writing and production choices for the album’s opening track, “Alone!”

Aubry is a reporter, producer and operations assistant in Baton Rouge.