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Thurs 6/13 5pm: WRKF's FM/HD broadcast is operating normally following tower maintenance.


Business leaders in Baton Rouge have discovered that WRKF is good for their business and good for Baton Rouge.

“I sponsor WRKF because it helps my business and helps the public radio station I’ve loved for years. Even people who haven’t been in our gallery comment that they heard us on WRKF.

"The response I get from people is that they are happy to hear us supporting WRKF. It’s one of the few things I do that I get feedback from.

"It’s great to combine marketing with supporting a nonprofit we believe in: it’s marketing with a purpose.”

-- George Clark, President of Taylor Clark Gallery

“In a sound bite society it’s so great to listen and get the full story. It’s not filtered and they come at it from all sides.

"It’s important for Southern Strategy Group to sponsor WRKF because we believe in looking at all sides of an issue and that helps us become better at what we do.”

-- Liz Mangham, Managing Partner at Southern Strategy Group