Walt Leger

Only an Abundance of Caution

Feb 18, 2016
Sue Lincoln

The House Ways and Means Committee took testimony on 20 revenue-raising measures Wednesday, but voted on none, returning all of them to the calendar.

Meanwhile, in House Appropriations, committee members continued to cross examine officials about the budget crisis. 

Mark Carroll

“Study after study shows this product causes sickness and death,” Speaker Pro-Tem Walt Leger said of cigarettes. He’s one of three representatives sponsoring bills to raise the cigarette tax to $1.08 per pack, and those measures were heard in the House Ways and Means Committee Wednesday morning.

“Not only will the state benefit greatly from the revenue this additional $0.22 increase in tax will provide, but we can expect to save greatly as it relates to the health care costs associated with the use of tobacco products,” Leger said, advocating for the tax hike Governor John Bel Edwards has recommended to help stabilize the current budget.

Inauguration 2016

Jan 12, 2016
LPB Broadcast

The Inaugural ceremony for Governor John 'Bel' Edwards went smoothly on Monday, with Edwards and his wife, Donna, descending the Capitol steps to “Fanfare for the Common Man.”  

Wallis Watkins

Governor Bobby Jindal and Governor-Elect John ‘Bel’ Edwards met Tuesday at the Governor’s Mansion as part of the transition process. 

“Offsets” Are Latest Budget-Balancing Tool

May 27, 2015


A bill to increase a tax credit program by $47-million dollars found favor with the House Ways and Means Committee Tuesday. Speaker Pro Tem Walt Leger’s HB 70 would double Louisiana’s current Earned Income Tax Credit.

“This allows about 30-percent of the state of Louisiana to keep more of their earned money,” Leger told the committee.

There were the kind of arguments for the bill that you’d expect.

“I see this bill as a response to consistent criticism that I hear – in this building and in the community at large – about people ‘getting something for nothing’,” Leger explained. “This program is one that rewards people for working.”

LA Swift will stay alive for an additional month. Jim discusses that, and the possible future of the service, with New Orleans State Representative Walt Leger III. 

American Sugar Cane League head Jim Simon talks about the sugar industry's quest for federal government support, and failure of the federal Farm Bill.