Tyler Bridges

Tyler Bridges, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, details his 3,700 word recap of the 2019 Louisiana Governor’s election. His story ran in Sunday, Advocate. 

  Former Louisiana GOP Chairman Mike Francis, current member of the Louisiana PSC, discusses solar energy and politics four weeks before the gubernatorial primary. Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Tyler Bridges of the Advocate contrasts this year’s governor’s race with the 2015 campaign that prompted Tyler’s book with Jeremy Alford, “Longshot.”

Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain comments on the state of the state’s largest industry with an update on marijuana in Louisiana. Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Tyler Bridges assesses the legacy of John Alario, who has toiled 48 years in the Louisiana Legislature. Matt and Donna Saurage of Community Coffee preview an LPB documentary about 100 years of success for the Baton Rouge company.

Felicia Harry, Member of the A.P. Tureaud Black Alumni Chapter at LSU, comments on the state of black students at LSU six decades after integration of the campus. Tyler Bridges, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, opines about the legacy of David Duke as Bridges releases an updated biography of the infamous politician and Klan leader. Rabbi Barry Weinstein of Baton Rouge discusses the worst attack on Jews in American history as nine people died at a temple in Pittsburgh Saturday morning.

Commissioner of Agriculture Mike Strain discusses passage of the Farm Bill and the implications of a trade war. Tyler Bridges of The Advocate updates the budget impasse at the Capitol. Ronnie Anderson, president of the Louisiana Bureau, comments on his 30th year as head of the 143,000 member group.

  Smiley Anders, the six day a week columnist for the Advocate for the past 38 years, celebrates his 80th birthday on Talk Louisiana. Tyler Bridges, Pulitzer Prize winning writer for the Advocate, remembers the most talked about play in college football history. Thirty-five years ago, California beat Stanford 25-20 in John Elway’s last game for Stanford on a wild kickoff return on the game’s final play. 

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Tyler Bridges talks with Jim about the wrap-up of the 2014 Louisiana Legislative Session. Among the many legislative topics they discuss, they touch on Governor Jindal's postponement of signing Senate Bill 469 while the Attorney General reviews the bill.

Dr. Everett Ehrlich, President of ESC Company and former under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs under President Clinton, talks with Jim about Net Neutrality: what is it, who regulates it, and why should people care?

Also, Renee Chatelain, director of the Manship Theater, talks with Jim about upcoming events like The Jack Mitchell Collection: The Stories Behind the Photographs, and many more.

Long time political reporter for the Picayune, Tyler Bridges, talks with Jim about covering the state capitol and the 2014 Legislative Session as a reporter now for The Lens.

Also, State Senator Ben Nevers talks with Jim about the Legislative Session as well as his Medicaid Bill which he has decided to revise.

Jim chats with Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Tyler Bridges, who now writes for "The Lens", covering New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Jim and Tyler mostly discuss Gov. Jindal's plan to eliminate state income taxes and raise state sales tax to offset revenues.

Former Louisiana Economic Development Secretary Michel Olivier, now CEO of the Committee of 100, also shares his feelings on the tax plan.

Also, Denise Bottcher, with AARP of Louisiana, talks about recent news of interest to retirees in the Bayou State.