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Voters will have the final say on four proposed constitutional amendments when they head to the polls next month.

While most voters' will be focused on the gubernatorial candidates at the top of their ballot, they know little about the constitutional amendments down below.

Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana President Robert Travis Scott discusses the need for substantial revisions in Louisiana's constitution. Photographer Randy Roussel on documenting the River Parishes.

Monday, April 8th: Tyler Kepner, Robert Travis Scott, David Dow

Apr 8, 2019

University of Houston Law Professor David Dow on his novel about the death penalty and a move from the Louisiana Legislature to abolish capital punishment in the state. Robert Travis Scott, President of the Public Affairs Research Council, comments on the opening the Louisiana Legislative Session. Tyler Kepner, Baseball writer for the New York Times, details his book about the art of pitching and the ten pitches that have dominated the history of the national pastime.

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Starting today, the Louisiana Legislature will spend two months crafting a budget and debating legislation. At the same time, plenty of focus will be fixed months down the road on October elections.

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State Senator Danny Martiny (R-Metairie) will again push the Legislature to legalize sports betting in Louisiana.

Like it or not, he says, the industry is already operating in the state, just under the table. 

Mimi Methvin, Democratic endorsed candidate for the 3rd Congressional District, discusses her challenge of GOP incumbent U.S. House Rep. Clay Higgins. Robert Travis Scott, President of the Public Affairs Research Council, surveys six amendments on the ballot statewide next Tuesday.

Former state lawmaker Troy Hebert and Southeastern Louisiana University Professor Dayne Sherman on the continuing impasse on the budget in Louisiana and the first 70 weeks of the presidency of Donald Trump.

Public Affairs Research Council Robert Travis Scott on the prospect of yet another Special Session. There have already been six in the 28 months of Gov. John Bel Edwards.

Julie Schwam Harris, Co-Chair Legislative Agenda for Women, commented on the implications of the budget impasse at the State Capitol.

Public Affairs Research Council President Robert Travis Scott on a contentious regular session that could set the stage for volatile debate about the fiscal cliff. Historian William Hitchcock on “The Age of Eisenhower.” Hitchcock profiles the 34th American President who had great affinity for Louisiana. Writer Zachary Lazar, professor at Tulane, on his latest novel, “Vengeance,” which has Angola as the backdrop to his story about a prisoner serving a life sentence for murder.

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Legislators are moving on from a failed special session to focus on the regular session that starts Monday.

Robert Travis Scott is President of the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana, a non-partisan public policy group. Despite the collapse of the special session, Scott says there's still progress to be made over the next few months. 

Public Affairs Research Council President Robert Travis Scott on the second week of the special legislative session to address the looming fiscal cliff on July 1st.