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Former Cy Young and American League Most Valuable Player Denny McLain previews tonight’s MLB All-Star Game and recaps the first half of the season. LSU stars Aaron Nola and Alex Bregman are on the rosters of the National and American League teams.


State Representative Pat Smith reflects on the two-year anniversary of the murder of three Baton Rouge police officers and talks about the prospect of more anti-abortion legislation in Louisiana with the likelihood of a more conservative U.S. Supreme Court.


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People currently on parole, probation or in prison can’t vote in Louisiana. A bill from Rep. Pat Smith (D-Baton Rouge) would change that.  Once someone is out of prison for five years, their voting rights would be restored. 

For Women, Prison Programs Need More Work

Jul 19, 2017
courtesy: U.S. Justice Action Network

State Representative Patricia Smith of Baton Rouge was a featured speaker at the U.S. Justice Action Network’s seminar on incarcerated women’s issues Tuesday, in Washington D.C.  Her work on Louisiana’s recent criminal justice reform package was applauded.

“It was a bi-partisan collective work from a lot of people,” Smith told the overflow crowd at the seminar’s breakout session focusing on rehabilitation issues.

Highs and Lows As House Tries to Beat the Clock

Jun 6, 2017

The House worked long and hard Monday, passing Senate bills before the session countdown clock required shifting to a two-thirds majority vote on all items.


State Represntative Pat Smith (D-Baton Rouge) talks with us about the governor’s challenges with the GOP dominated House and Senate.

Discouraging Words: Week 6 in Review

May 19, 2017
Sue Lincoln

Governor John Bel Edwards saw some victories for his agenda in the Senate this week, with the advancement of criminal justice reforms and anti-discrimination legislation, as well as a bill to increase the minimum wage. The House, on the other hand?

“Quite frankly, I’m disappointed – particularly in the House,” the governor said, with a sigh.

Braiding the House Together

May 12, 2017
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The full House put a number of bills through the mill Thursday, having some bi-partisan fun along the way.

“This is my rescue-a-Republican-bill day,” New Iberia Democrat Terry Landry joked, as he helped Denham Springs Republican Valerie Hodges pass her ignition interlock bill.