Don't Be Your Tree's Worst Enemy

Aug 9, 2019
Allen Owings / LSU AgCenter

Mowers and string trimmers that use a monofilament line for cutting down weeds and grass can be very damaging to young trees. Young trees have relatively thin bark. If the line is allowed to hit the trunk part of the bark will be removed with east contact of the line.

If you are not careful, you might even remove an entire ring of bark all the way around the trunk, girdling the tree. Mowers pushed hard or dragged around the base of young trees can be almost as damaging.

Mulching For Weed Control

Mar 23, 2019
LSU AgCenter

Mulching beds is an important part of a sustainable landscape.

Pulling weeds is a job that never stops. Every time weeds are removed, new weed seeds germinate, creating the problem all over again.

Mulches work to stop this by blocking sunlight from reaching the soil service. Most weed seeds need light to germinate. The light tells them they're close enough to the soil surface to sprout and grow a new plant.

Tips For Summer Vegetables

Jun 2, 2018
LSU AgCenter

The high temperatures we're bound to encounter can take their toll on spring and early summer vegetables. Tomatoes will set fewer flowers; snap beans will produce poorer quality beans. Conversely, with some vegetables... the hotter it gets, the better they do.

Remember that mid-summer gardening is different from gardening in the spring. You'll need to remember thorough irrigation to counter the summer's long stretches of hot, dry conditions.

Allen Owings / LSU AgCenter

It would be nice to think we could take the winter off from worrying about weeds in our landscapes. Unfortunately, there are many weeds that thrive in the mild to cold temperatures of winter, both in our beds and in our lawn.

Don't forget to keep up with weeding this winter. Be proactive. Use mulches.

Mulches are our very best defense against weeds in our beds. Mulches work when the mulch layer is about 2". Mulch works by blocking sunlight from triggering weed seeds to germinate.

Much Ado About Mulch

Apr 11, 2015
Allen Owings / LSU AgCenter

Mulching is an easy to do, labor-saving technique that all gardeners should be taking advantage of.