Mike Johnson

Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Care Economist Mike Bertaut comments on the state of the Affordable Care Act amid a split decision from the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court. Visit http://www.ldh.la.gov/HealthyLaDashboard/ for Louisiana stats on the Medicaid expansion.


Congressman Mike Johnson opines about impeachment and the drone attack that killed prominent Iranian leader.

Political consultant Roy Fletcher assesses the governor’s race two days out. Mark Ballard of the Advocate discusses issues that could swing the race between John Bel Edwards and Eddie Rispone. Christina Lake of Preserve Louisiana comments on an event tonight at the Old Governor’s Mansion.  Congressman Mike Johnson on the president’s rally in Bossier City.

Congressman Mike Johnson, Republican from Shreveport and member of the House Judiciary Committee, says his Democratic colleagues are off base in seeking to question witnesses detailed in the Mueller Report. Barry Weinstein, Rabbi Emeritus in Baton Rouge, recaps his dramatic recovery from an aortic aneurysm three years ago and examines lack of religious tolerance in the current age. Author and former NYPD police officer Joe Ested recaps a criminal attack against an inmate in the Ascension Parish Jail, resulting in the firing of a corrections officer and resignation of the warden. Laura Schroff discusses the unlikely friendship between a New York sales executive and a homeless eleven year old boy.

Advocate Columnist Smiley Anders celebrates his 81st birthday with us and reflects on his 45 year career at the newspaper. Congressman Mike Johnson, R-Shreveport, talks about the change of leadership in the U.S. House and his rising status in the GOP Caucus.

U.S. Rep. Mike Johnson (R-Shreveport) talks to us about his quest for civility in politics, a mission that began after the shooting of fellow Congressman Steve Scalise on June 14.

Congressman Mike Johnson

U.S. Rep. Mike Johnson of Shreveport joins us for a minute to talk with us briefly about Louisiana's flood recovery efforts, the reaction to Gov. John Bel Edwards' appearance in front of a congressional committee on Wednesday, and his role with Freedom Caucus on Health Care.

Grilling the Governor on Flood Response

Apr 6, 2017
screen capture from C-SPAN broadcast

“Prior to and throughout the response to the 2016 floods, FEMA was a very good partner. But the transition from response to recovery is where challenges arose,” Governor John Bel Edwards told the U.S. House Oversight Committee on Flood Recovery and Governmental Affairs. He testified Wednesday in response to complaints about the pace of the recovery from August’s devastating floods across south Louisiana.

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Louisiana’s congressional delegation is speaking up on President Donald Trump’s travel ban. 

In response to President Donald Trump's recent executive order, which places travel bans on people from seven countries in the Middle East, Louisiana’s congressional delegates (U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives) have commented.

Acrimony and Humanity: 2016 Elections Wrap Up

Dec 12, 2016
Rick Portier

The 2016 election season finally came to a close – here in Louisiana --Saturday night.

Five-time State Treasurer John Kennedy won the job he’d unsuccessfully sought twice before –U.S. senator.