Mark Ballard

Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon discusses tort reform efforts. The Advocate’s Mark Ballard talks through the end of the regular session.

Linda Lee, Vice President of the Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center at Our Lady of the Lake Medical Center, details the process of treating patients amid a pandemic. Gene Sperling, economic adviser to President Clinton and President Obama, calls for economic dignity during hard times. Mark Ballard of The Advocate looks at friction at the Capitol on a variety of fronts as a debate on insurance reform gains momentum with legislation reaching the floors of both chambers.

Investar Bank President John D’Angelo recounts how he founded the institution and where banking will go post COVID-19. Advocate Bureau Chief Mark Ballard on the partisan wrangling over the stay at home order.

Veteran journalist Michael Hainey, deputy editor of Air Mail, remembers his father, Bob, a prominent Chicago newspaperman who died mysteriously 50 years ago. Hainey is the author of “After Visiting Friends." Mark Ballard of The Advocate, details the clash between Gov. Edwards and President Trump over the stay at home order continuation until May 15.

Celebrated tailor Manuel Martinez discusses fashion in the Covid-19 Era and the challenge of serving clients without taking measurements.

Advocate Capitol Bureau Chief Mark Ballard looks at a potential soft roll out as Gov. Edwards weighs changes to his stay at home order.

Rep. Ted James, D-Baton Rouge, details his recovery from a near fatal case of Covid-19. Mark Ballard, Capitol Bureau Chief of The Advocate, looks at last four weeks which have seen an increase in Coronavirus deaths in the state go from four to 1103.

Jim discusses the latest in coronavirus news, and Senator Bernie Sanders’ departure from the Democratic Primary. Mark Ballard talks about how long it may be before life can return to normal.

Veronica Mosgrove on her cruise line trip on the boat that was patient zero for many US coronavirus transmissions. The Advocate's Mark Ballard on Ed O, COVID in NYC, and local responses. 

LSU Mathematics Professor Jim Madden on COVID-19 grow rates. Advocate reporter Mark Ballard on the state of COVID-19 in Louisiana and it’s likely devastating impact on the state budget.

Clark Cadzow of Highland Coffees and Jimmy Weatherford of Louie’s discuss the impact of the restaurant full service shutdown which took effect Monday night. Mark Ballard of the Advocate talks about the coronavirus impact at the Capitol and the politics of Covid-19.