Mark Ballard

Longtime Democratic activist E. Faye Williams discusses the Democrats impeachment of President Donald Trump. The Advocate’s Mark Ballard analyses the LA GOP Congressional Delegation’s no votes on impeachment.

Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell discusses the pro-Trump mob assault on the US Capitol. The Advocate’s Mark Ballard on how LA’s delegation voted for certification.

The Advocate’s Mark Ballard wraps up an eventful 2020. Dr. Allan Lichtman on his technique for predicting presidential wins.

Pennington Biomedical’s Dr. Owen Carmichael discusses an upcoming study that asks why some people benefit from exercise more than others. The Advocate’s Mark Ballard on Gov. Edwards’ response to AG Landry’s support of an election lawsuit.

Judge Chris Hester explains why you should vote for him for Court of Appeal. The Advocate’s Mark Ballard on why Saturday’s election is expected to see a major drop-off in turnout.

President and CEO of the Louisiana Restaurant Association Stan Harris talks about the current state of the hospitality industry.  Then, award-winning journalist Mark Ballard discusses the presidential election.

PSC Commissioner Foster Campbell says the Presidential Election is over. The Advocate’s Mark Ballard discusses state news and politics.

Pennington Dr. Tiffany Stewart discusses their work with veterans to promote healthy living and stress management. Vote America National Outreach Director Aisha McClendon celebrates record turnout. The Sage of Louisiana Correspondents Mark Ballard recaps 48 hours of election news.

CEO of Acadian Ambulance Richard Zuschlag discusses Louisiana’s recovery from multiple named storms. New Yorker writer Evan Osnos on the life of Joe Biden. The Advocate’s Mark Ballard on where we’re at in the battle of the House vs. Governor Edwards.

Jim talks caller's comments on tonight's presidential debate. The Advocate's Mark Ballard discusses the US Senate race and ammendments.