Dan Gill / LSU AgCenter

As gardeners, it's important to understand basic principles of plant life. And more critical than everything else is the fact that plants need light. It doesn't take many years of trial and error in the garden to learn that you must learn the light preferences of each plant and provide the right amount of light to that plant as closely as possible. Certainly other factors like soil, drainage, and climate are important, but nothing else matters if you don't get the light correct.

Lightning strikes have killed at least 20 people in the U.S. so far this year, according to the National Weather Service. That's higher than the average for recent years, the service says.

Most people who are injured or killed by lightning, it turns out, are not struck directly — instead, the bolt lands nearby.

That's what happened to Steve Marshburn in 1969. He was working inside a bank and says lightning somehow made its way through an ungrounded speaker at the drive-through window to the stool where he was sitting.