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With just two days left in session, lawmakers are still negotiating setting a minimum age for marriage in Louisiana. 

Philosophical Differences on Display

Apr 13, 2017

Tax philosophies seem to be nearly as numerous as tax reform bills filed this session. As the House Ways and Means Committee took testimony on 20 measures dealing with corporate taxes Wednesday, those philosophies were on display.

School Uniforms Bill: An Exercise in Civics

Mar 24, 2016

“This bill would prohibit requiring school uniforms,” Representative Chris Broadwater of Hammond  told the House Education Committee Wednesday. And he acknowledged it’s one of the most controversial bills he’s ever authored.

But there’s a backstory to the measure. It’s part of a practical lesson in civics.

GoFundLouisiana ?

Feb 26, 2016
screen capture S. Lincoln

The House convened its Thursday floor session more than an hour late, and went straight to Cameron Henry’s HB 122, to slash $117-million more in state spending.

“We have to balance cuts with revenue,” Henry began.

The measure was immediately peppered with amendments, and before long, the Speaker called a recess. Huddles in the hallways ensued. An hour and a half later they reconvened, and surprise!