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Friday, July 8th: Dr. Robert Newton, Dr. Owen Carmichael, Nick Congemi, Julia Ledet, Jenny White, Kimberly Eckert

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Associate Professor of Physical Activity & Ethnic Minority Health Dr. Robert Newton and Director of Biomedical Imaging and Professor of Imaging/MRS Brain and Metabolism Imaging in Chronic Disease Dr. Owen Carmichael discuss the affects physical fitness has on dementia as well as a health event held this Saturday, July 9th at Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Former Causeway Police Chief Nick Congemi reflects on the Pan-Am 759 Plane Crash which happened 40 years ago today in Kenner, LA. Professor at LSU Julia Ledet and Australia native Jenny White join Nick Congemi and remember their parents who lost their lives in the horrific crash. Dean of Undergraduate Studies at Reach University and Innovative Programs Coordinator in West Baton Rouge Schools Kimberly Eckert talks teaching in the parish as well as the shortage of teachers.

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