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Fireworks Purple Fountain Grass Is An Attention-Getting Grass

LSU AgCenter

Back in 2015, an ornamental grass with some colorful foliage called Fireworks Purple Fountain Grass gained some attention.

It's a varigated version of the regular Purple Fountain Grass, which has been grown successfuly for a long period if time. Fireworks is much showier, with young foliage streaked with red, pink, creamy white, and green. Colors are most brilliant when the growth is young in spring and early summer.

Fireworks grows to be 24 to 30 inches tall and 18 to 24 inches wide with a graceful upright fountaining form. The flower stalks rise above the foliage with long, feathery plumes of pink and tan. Plant Fireworks in a sunny bed for the best color. Prepare the beds by incorporating a few inches of compost, manure, or soil conditioner and a light sprinkle of fertilizer. These plants are cold hardy down to the mid 20s.