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From selecting the right plants to proper watering techniques and dealing with pests, host Lee Rouse delivers the information you need to garden successfully in Louisiana's unique climate.

Appreciating the Japanese Magnolia

Feb 9, 2019
LSU AgCenter

A blooming Japanese magnolia is a horticultural groundhog, indicating winter is just about done for the year. This plant is a hybrid, or a cross. The parent plants are difficult to find in local nurseries, but their offspring are stocked in abundunce as their blooms open.

Prune Your Roses Now

Feb 5, 2019
Mark Claesgens / LSU AgCenter

Early February is an excellent time to cut back roses. Hybrid tea and granda flora roses in particularly should ne pruned around this time every year.

Start Your Tomatoes and Peppers Indoors

Jan 29, 2019
LSU AgCenter

Your Louisiana Vegetable Planting Guide should be telling you that mid-January is the optiumum time to start your tomato and pepper seeds for transplants into the vegetable garden for mid-March. Whether you start those seeds in a greenhouse or indoors, there are many benefits to starting your seeds, including financial benefits.

Oxalis: Beautiful Flowers, But Still A Weed

Jan 20, 2019
LSU AgCenter

If you've ever had oxalis in your flower bed, you know just how pesky this weed can be. You can identify the weed with a few key characterists, such as the clusters of beautiful purple flowers it produces. The foliage looks a bit like a clover or shamrock, as illustrated by the image here.

Five Tips For The Beginner Vegetable Gardener

Jan 12, 2019
Johnny Morgan / LSU AgCenter

Is starting a vegetable garden right for you? Yes, of course it is. Vegetable gardening is one of the most rewarding types of gardening a gardener could perform.

First, start small. Don't leap from a single pot to an acre. A 4'x8' raised bed is the perfect size for a beginning gardener, with just enough room for a meaningful harvest but small enough to manage.

Winter Is Perfect For Lettuce

Jan 6, 2019
Kiki Fontenot / LSU AgCenter

Cool days and chilly nights are exactly the weather that lettuce enjoys. While lettuce cultivation during the summer  months is the standard in the northern states, our summers in Louisiana are much too hot for lettuce to endure. It's a cool season crop for us in Louisiana, with a planting season from September through March and a harvest season in May.

LSU AgCenter

The 2019 All American Selection Winners for the 2019 growing season come from an independent non-profit organization that tests new, never before sold varieties available for the home gardener. After a full season of anonymous trialing by volunteer horticultural professionals, only the top garden performers are given the AAS Winner award designation for their performance.

Cool Season Bedding Plants In December

Dec 22, 2018
LSU AgCenter

December isn't too late to add cool season bedding plants to your flowerbed or landscape. Cool season bedding plants thrive with mild days and chilly nights. Most will easily tolerate temperatures in the low 20s and sometimes even the teens with little to no damage.

Don't Waste Your Leaves: Composting

Dec 8, 2018
LSU AgCenter

For a full year, trees work diligently to pull nutrients from deep in the soil to develop the current year's foliage, which they they drop in the fall. But all to often gardeners and homeowners rake these leaves only to bag them up and put them on the side of the road.

Timing Is Everything In Gardening

Dec 2, 2018
LSU AgCenter

Timing is important in the garden. Recently, I received an email from a gentleman asking why a his bell pepper leaves were beginning to curl. The bell pepper leaves had evidence of cold damage and mites. The plant could have been sprayed to prevent mites. But more importantly, we want to understnad the ideal window for growing bell peppers in Louisiana. November is outside that window.