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America: Are We Ready? A National Pre-Election Conversation On Labor, the Pandemic, and Race


Join WRKF as we engage in a series of live national conversations exploring key questions leading up to November's election.

On September 22, 23, and 24 at 7pm, join for a three-part pre-election special, "America Are We Ready." Hosted by WNYC's Brian Lehrer, each broadcast will feature special guests, co-hosts, and calls from listeners from across the country. The three broadcasts will explore different themes: the pandemic, our ongoing national racial justice conversation, and what's at stake for the middle class in the current economy.

These programs will be inclusive, fact-based, and centered on the core value that listening to one another... across different regions, different experiences and assumptions, and different backgrounds ...is healthy for us as individuals and as a democracy.

Tuesday, September 22, at 7pm: America, Are We Ready To Vote In A Pandemic?
The first call-in special will delve into President Donald Trump and former Vice President Biden's respective plans for handling the pandemic, including whether any further response should be national in scope, what tone a response could take, and where to spend federal tax dollars.

Co-host: Christina Greer, politics editor at The Grio and co-host of the weekly podcast FAQNYC.

Wednesday, September 23, at 7pm: America, Are We Ready For Truth And Reconciliation?
The second part will explore reconciliation and its effects, exploring questions such as who owes who what, financially and otherwise, to approach real equality in America. And what and how serious are efforts by President Donald Trump, former Vice President Biden, and other Republican and Democratic approaches to getting toward real equality in our country.

Co-host: Kai Wright, host of WNYC’s The United States of Anxiety.

Thursday, September 24, at 7pm: America, Are We Ready To Save The Middle Class?
The final episode of the three-show arc will take a look at both capitalist and socialist approaches to serving the middle class. The conversation will probe whether either approach really contributes to saving the middle class and reversing income quality. Will look at where President Donald Trump, former Vice President Biden, and the power brokers in each of their parties sit along this spectrum.

Click here to see more about the America, Are We Ready series of radio conversations, produced by our public media partner, WNYC.

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