What's The Beef With Meat?

Nov 9, 2020

To eat meat or not to eat meat? That is the question. On this week’s show, we examine sustainable farming and butchery practices and the ethical constraints of consuming meat in the 21st century. We begin with James Beard award-winning food writer Corby Kummer, who weighs in on the topic of meat and morality.

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Then, we speak with one of the world's most famous butchers, Dario Cecchini. He’s the 8th generation of a family of butchers who have operated out of the same small Italian shop for two and half centuries.

Finally, author and historian Lawrence N. Powell shares with us the story of the 1873 U.S. Slaughterhouse Cases, and the Supreme Court decision that had as much to do with post-Reconstruction segregation as it did with slaughterhouses.

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