Wednesday, January 2nd: Laura Vinsant, Nichole Bauer, Jonahan Bailor

Jan 2, 2019

Laura Vinsant, Executive Director for Teach for America South Louisiana, on the role her organization plays in the region. Teach for America, which started in 1989, has a mission to enlist, develop and mobilize young leaders who start their careers in the classroom. LSU Assistant Professor of Communication at the Manship School Nichole Bauer comments on the new Congress convening tomorrow in Washington. There is a record number of female representatives on Capitol Hill, but Louisiana has no female members in its delegation. Dr. Jonahan Bailor on his book, “The Setpoint Diet,” The 21-Day Program to Permane ntly Change What Your Body Wants to Weigh. Dr. Bailor pioneered the field of wellness engineering.