Thursday, May 9th: Daniel Okrent, Mark Ballard, Kevin Glass

May 9, 2019

Daniel Okrent, one of America’s most celebrated journalists with top positions at the New York Times and Time Magazine in his varied career, reviews America’s history of immigration in “The Guarded Gate.” Okrent says Adolph Hitler was inspired by junk science in the U.S. during the 1920s which produced a harsh national anti-immigration law and caused some to espouse a flawed theory of eugenics. Okrent is also the inventor of Rotisserie League Baseball and discovered the game’s best known sabermetrician  Bill James. Advocate Capitol Bureau Chief Mark Ballard looks at a week at the Legislature which saw trial lawyers win a round over insurance interests and much buzz about the Advocate purchasing the Times-Picayune. Kevin Glass, Vice President of Communications for the National Taxpayers Union, analyzes the issue of net neutrality and the Save the Internet Act.