Spring Is Over; Summer Gardening Begins

May 19, 2018

Credit Allen Owings / LSU AgCenter

Spring is short in Louisiana. Weather rapidly transitions from winter to summer. But if you look for it and you're aware of the signs, spring actually starts to show up in February in Louisiana, especially in the southern part of the state.

Spring lingers through late April and into May. So we actually have eight weeks of spring weather, which isn't so bad. But whichever way you look at it, May is the first month of summer in Louisianans, so now is the time to switch from spring gardening activities to summer ones.

Spring flowering bulbs are reaching the end of their growing season. Cut back their foliage now that it's turning brown if they're the type of bulbs you expect to see bloom again next year.

Plant warm season beds now. Tropicals you can plant now include include palms, elephant ears, gingers, philodendrons, and more. Tropicals planted in early summer have the entire growing season to grow and settle-in, helping them to survive winter.